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Country of Origin:New Zealand - Marlborough
Alcohol Concentration:12.5%
Grape Variety:25% Pinot Gris, 75% Pinot Noir
Brewing method: Fermentation in oak barrels and stainless steel barrels, aging in oak barrels
Deacnting Times:Ready to drink

Background:The grapes are picked by hand, and then fermented in open oak barrels. After the grapes are allowed to ferment freely for about four days, the wine is moved to stainless steel barrels to continue fermentation. During the process, the grapes are pressed very gently to extract the juice, and the wines of the two varieties are mixed in stainless steel tanks, then placed at near freezing conditions for 4 days, and finally aged in old oak barrels.

Tasting Notes:Interesting bronze tone, with strong strawberry and pear aromas, and a unique taste between pink wine and orange wine, with moderate acidity, easy to drink, and a vegetarian-friendly and friendly wine.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Josh Scott Bla Bla Bla Rose Orange

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