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To bring the love of wine and food together like a great adventurous and we make sure we have fun while we are doing it.

Putting the fun back into wine, one glass at a time!

Affinato & Lunetta was establish in 2011 with the vision of bring great wines from all over the world to Taiwan’s wine lovers, we continue to find the most innovative products from the wine industry that not only have amazing stories and mind bowling tasty vinos.

紐西蘭DRC JS 100分 黑皮諾.jpg

New Zealand DRC

JS 100 points Pinot Noir


Affinato & Lunetta selects wines from all over the world, including Italy, Spain, New Zealand, the United States, German, Australia, Chile and Hong Kong. Whether you are a wine lover, company, restaurant, or wine store, we are a choice that you can't miss. In addition to products, we have rich experience in various wine activities. Welcome to consult at any time.






From all over the world

Affinato & Lunetta selects the best quality wines from all over the world, so that wine lovers in Taiwan can easily drink wine without spending too much is our goal.

The current products include Italy, New Zealand, the United States, Germany, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong and other countries.

Environmental protection

/ Sustainable management​

The wine is contained in a 100% recyclable 20L keg, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint and 94% of the recycling volume.

It also significantly reduces the cost of packaging, allowing consumers to spend every penny on the quality of the wine. The wine is packed in vacuum bag, therefore each glass is as fresh as a freshly opened bottle, and can be kept fresh for up to 3 months after opening.

Interesting / Unexpected

Whether it is an intellectual wine event, a traditional food and wine pairing, a cross-industry cooperation or a wine party, Affinato & Lunetta can help you customize the event to meets your needs.

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