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About Wine on Tap

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What's Wine on Tap?

Wine on Tap is a distribution method of wine. Instead of distributing via the bottle, wine is housed in stainless steel kegs or disposable one-way kegs. After the barreling stage, the wine is transferred into the kegs holding about 27 bottles of wine each (or 130 glasses) depending on the size of the keg. It is pushed out of the keg by gases such as nitrogenargon or with compressed air, gas further providing a blanket over the wine and protecting it from oxidation. 

Wine on tap utilizes cost savings at all levels, from the manufacturer, retailer, and consumer. Traditionally, wine retailers have served wine by the glass by opening and resealing individual bottles. With wine on tap, bottle, cork, and carton costs are eliminated. Costs of waste from throwing away oxidized wine are also decreased and fresher unoxidized wine is delivered to the consumer. Transport costs are significantly reduced as well, as the same amount of wine weighs significantly more in bottles than in a keg. Further, the disposable one way kegs require even less transportation than steel kegs because they are disposable and recyclable.


The System

In fact, it is quite simple to install a wine on tap system in your store. First of all, you have to set up a space for the tap wine in the bar area. The size of the space depends on the number of items you want to use. Of course, you also need to install the faucets . The capacity of each keg is equivalent to 26.7 bottles of wine. All the products are carefully selected by A&L with characteristic and high-quality.

The winery directly puts the wine into the keg, and then It is sent to each store, even sparking wine can be directly put into keg. There is no need to add any additional bubbles. The carbon dioxide layer in the keg will continue to push the inner bag which is completely vacuumed containing the wine so that the wine kept fresh until it is used up. Every glass is as fresh as a freshly opened bottle. There is no need to worry about wear, oxidation or cork contamination. If there is no extra space in your work area, we also have a mobile wine on tap machine for you You choose.

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