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Country of Origin:Spain - Castile-La Mancha
Grape Variety:Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc
Brewing method: Stainless steel barrel
Deacnting Times:Ready to drink

Background:The vineyard is located on a steep slope between 700 and 800 meters above sea level in the Castilla-La Mancha production area in southeastern Spain. It is located inland in Albacete. The weather here is mild and dry, with a moderate temperature difference between day and night, and the soil is composed of It is composed of red-brown sandy clay, rich in limestone and chalk soil. The winery also uses organic cultivation, and the grapes grown are quite healthy and of high quality.

Tasting Notes:Clean and bright light yellow wine color, medium intensity aroma exudes a full and charming tropical fruit aroma, with aromas of pineapple, mango, etc. coming to the nose, and the aftertaste after the entrance is sweet with the aroma of green apple. Pairs well with fish and shellfish dishes.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Cueva del Viento Alto Las Rocas Verdejo/Sauvignon Blanc

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