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Country of Origin:Italy - Abruzzo

Grape Variety:Pecorino
Residual Sugar:
Food Pairing:Thai-style Lemon Fish, Dry Fried Sea Bream
Decanting Times:10mins

Winemaking:80% Stainless Steel, 20% Oak Barrels


Background: The Picorino grape variety is native to the region and is usually eaten directly rather than used for winemaking. Surprisingly, this grape variety has great winemaking potential, as can be experienced directly from the Farnese Piccolino from Mario Ercolino (former winemaking consultant of Feudi di San Gregorio). Casale Vecchio is a very special farmhouse, where the grapes grown here have surprised and enjoyed many wine tasters from all over the world because of their good quality and originality.


Tasting Notes:Green with shades of wheatish yellow glow, with white flowers, apple and pear light and fruity taste.

Soft and round on the palate, full-bodied with refres