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Country of Origin:New Zealand - Marlborough
Alcohol Concentration:12.5%
Grape Variety:100% Sauvignon Blanc
Brewing method: Short immersion in oak barrels
Deacnting Times:Ready to drink

Background:This type of liquor is not directly pressed when brewing, but the whole grapes are soaked and fermented together with the skins. During the fermentation process, no special capping treatment and temperature control are used. After a few days of maceration and fermentation, the skins are separated from the wine, and then the separated wine is aged in oak barrels to bring out the characteristics of Marlborough’s Sauvignon Blanc to the extreme with minimal human intervention.

Tasting Notes:The palate is soft and textured, with a full-bodied aroma. The fragrance of guava, pear, and passion fruit is tangy, and the acidity is