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Country of Origin:Chile - Itata Valley
Grape Variety:100% Moscatel
Residual Sugar:
Food Pairing:
Deacnting Times:10 mins

Winemaking:4 months in old french barrels, native yeast and no ltration.

Background information:"Orange wine" has attracted attention due to the rise of natural wines in recent years. The seemingly novel wines actually have a thousand-year history of brewing in many countries in the old world. Tangerine wine is different from the brewing method of general white wine. After a long time of skin soaking and fermentation, the golden amber wine is obtained, and the richer fruit flavor and tannin are extracted through the peel. The hearts of wine lovers are conquered one by one. The winery uses Chile's Moscatel (Muscat) muscadine grapes for brewing. It is manually harvested in the early morning. Immediately after harvesting, it is placed in a pottery urn for skin soaking and fermentation. After pressing, it is put back in the pottery urn for 12 months of aging time and finally bottled. 


Tasting Notes:Fragrant white floral aroma with spice and ripe fruit. The captivating flavours of mandarin and passion fruit, and the citrus fruitiness characteristic of mandarin wines add a refreshing layer of flavour to the wine, a wine with many character and complexity.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Longavi Glup Naranjo