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Country of Origin:Italy - Veneto


Grape Variety:70% Garganega, 30% Vespaiola Residual

Residual Sugar:40g/L
Wine Pairing:
Decanting Times:Ready to drink

Winemaking:Wild yeast, no added sulfites, aged for 12 months


Background: Breganze is an ancient wine-producing area in the province of Veneto-Vicenza. There have been records of vines since prehistoric times. According to historical records, Breganze has been known for producing high-quality wines since the 18th century. In 1969 Obtained DOC Designated Production Area in 2018. Vespaiola is a representative white grape variety of Breganze. Because of its high sugar content after maturity, it will attract wasps, so it is named after Vespa (Italian wasp), and the f