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Country of Origin:Italy - Veneto

Grape Variety:100% Müller Thurgau
Residual Sugar:

Food Pairing:
Decanting Times:Ready to drink

Winemaking:Summer manger method


Background: Muller Thurgau is a white grape variety that is a cross between Riesling and Madeleine Royale. The most representative main planting area is Germany. Millet High was once an important variety with a certain amount of cultivation, but it was no longer popular in the market due to changes in commercial tastes in the 1980s.It is mainly used for blending in many production areas. The most representative wine is Germany's slightly sweet white wine "Liebfraumilch" (Liebfraumilch).The variety itself is simple in style, with fruity aromas of sweet peach as the main aroma, usually with low to medium acidity, and the wines produced are usually suitable for drinking young.

Tasting Notes:It has the typical fragrant aroma of Milleturgau, including peach, lime, yellow flowers, etc., and has an elegant and fresh taste. It is very suitable as an aperitif or paired with seafood.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Pirovano Col Muller Thurgau Spumante Brut

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