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Country of Origin:Italy - Lombardy

Grape Variety:100% Pinot Nero
Residual Sugar:

Food Pairing:
Decanting Times:Ready to drink

Winemaking:Hand-picked, summer manger method, stainless steel tank for 3 months


Background: The vineyard is located in Oltrepò Pavese in the Lombardy region of Italy.It is close to Milan and borders the two regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Rome. It is also the third largest Pinot Noir producing region in the world after Burgundy and Champagne. This production area is located in the foothills of the Apennine Mountains, several cities and the Po River. It benefits from the excellent microclimate brought by the Po River. The soil is rich in clay, limestone, Galestro schist, etc. These terroir conditions give their grapes unique characteristics. Rich aromatic character with perfect acidity.

Tasting Notes:It has rich fruity aromas such as currants, ripe citrus, pears and apricots. The aroma of full white pulp fills the mouth upon entry, and a delicate and gentle salty aroma lingers in the aftertaste.Full-bodied and elegant, it is an ideal choice for any celebration occasion or food-wine pairing.


未成年請勿飲酒 禁止酒駕

No Alcohol for Underage
No Drunk Driving

Pirovano TB Pinot Nero OP DOC Spum. Extra Dry

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