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Cantina di Monteforte

Monteforte Winery was established in March 1952. It is a cooperative established by 600 grape growers in the area. It has 1,300 hectares of vineyards, 80% of which are D.O.C. The members are committed to improving the quality of the grapes. In addition to technological progress, the characteristic of the past ten years has been the gradual realization of the key role of viticulture in the high-quality wine industry. In-depth exploration of the exact characteristics of grape varieties during the grape harvest season, combined with planting and brewing, has also brought technology and tradition closer together.


The wines of Monteforte Winery have been appreciated and encouraged in many domestic and foreign competitions, and continuously improving, regenerating abandoned but qualified vineyards and pass the breeding system of new vineyards enable to maintain low output of the grapes. It is this constant experimentation and unremitting creation that gives the winery the scale it is today.

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