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Cantine Leonardo Da Vinci

Remember the 2003 sensational novel "The Da Vinci Code"? The movie that took advantage of the momentum in 2006 will surely make the secrets of the talented painter – Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings even more curious.

The word Da Vinci is not only the last name of Leonardo but also represent Leonardo’s birth place since Europeans in ancient times did not have a surname, and due to their sparse population; they used the birth place to represent their last name.


Standing on Leonardo’s former residence and looking down, you can see this famous winery in Tuscany. It inherits not only the name of Leonardo, but also the art and science of Leonardo.

Da Vinci Winery provides Flying Winemaker-Alberto Antonini (the former royal winemaker of Marchesi de Frescobaldi and Marchesi Antinori) the most modern tools to show its most innovative winemaking techniques.

This winery contains full of creativity and ideas; with the spirit of the Renaissance and the sensitivity to tradition, he unveiled the new aspects of Tuscany and Chianti. His motto is "The direction of winemaking is determined by nature", which includes the growth of grapes, the land, the angle of the sun, gravel, air volume... and so on every element of the environment.


Da Vinci Winery has won numerous international awards in terms of design, quality and CP value. Because of its professionalism and long-term vision, it has become the largest Chianti brand in the United States and is competing for the sales champion in the world.

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