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Castelli Del Duca

Duca is owned by the Medici family and is also the most important winery in the Piacenza hills. For more than 100 years, the wines produced here have been sold all over the world with their unique flavors and very competitive prices.

Duca is now run by the fourth-generation Medici family, the reason behind the success of the family is the establishment of a close relationship between individual vineyards and the wine produced, as well as the strict selection of grapes, which sometimes results in yields that are 30-40% lower than the usual number.


It is required to comply with DOC (Appellation of Origin) production regulations and guarantee high-quality wines. The production cycle is completed through an ingenious brewing process, using brand-new machines, and a wine-making concept in complete harmony with nature and the environment.

The market has responded well and our wines are getting better and better. The excellent reviews in the professional guide and some exciting awards have given the Medici E family a place among the top Italian wines.

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