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Castello Di Luzzano

The Fugazza sisters Maria-Julie and Giovannella; the current managers of the Castello di Luzzano winery, both love literature and engage in law with clear life directions.

Due to their father's passing changed the fate of the two sisters and tied them together with the winery.

Since 1980, Maria-Julie and Giovannella have returned to their father’s favorite winery in Luzzano, recalling childhood memories and the spirit of winemaker flowing in the blood, picking up the industry left by their father and opened Castello di Luzzano and started the new milestone.

This is a completely new field for the lawyer Ms. Giovannella who is practicing in Milan. In the castle-like manor, she devoted herself to winemaking and inherited her father's passion for wine and became her new mission in life.


Under the management of Giovannella and Maria-Juliee, the Castello di Luzzano winery continues to develop steadily. Not only has it been recommended by internationally renowned wine critics, but the Malvasia wine has become the favorite of the famous American singer Frank Sinatra.

The winery currently has up to 100 hectares of land in the Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna production areas in northeastern Italy, and about 70 hectares are used to grow grapes, divided into Oltrep & Ograve ; Pavese and Colli Piacentini two production areas, each has a different soil composition and micro-climate. The winery also sets up wine-making equipment in these two production areas to produce different series of wines.

The main varieties of the winery include local varieties such as Barbera, Bonarda, Pinot Nero, and Malvasia, as well as many international varieties, all-inclusive, enough to show Different Luzzano styles, but they are all based on the purpose of brewing excellent Italian wines.

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