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Champagne Lombardi

Founded in 2007, the Lombardi Champagne estate is located on the Côte des Bar in the southern part of the Champagne region. This hill is located at an altitude of 150-180 meters, which not only allows the grapes to fully absorb enough sunlight, but also helps to drain the soil and allow excess water. The limestone geology gives the grapes special mineral nutrients; makes this area the most suitable area for Pinot Noir.

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The owner of the estate, Stéphane Lombardi, has personally tended the grapes and oversaw the quality of the wine since its inception. With a professional winemaking team dedicated to making champagne of the highest quality. The first batch of champagne produced in 2011 immediately received the attention of the industry media and was affirmed by the Wine Spectator with 92 points. Continuing the spirit and quality of the craftsman, today in Lyon, the capital of gastronomy, many restaurants can taste Lombardi champagne with Michelin-starred cuisine.

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