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Charles Roux

Charles Roux; from Burgundy, France, was born in 1909 and inherited Maison Veuve Amba before he was 20 years old. This is a family-run wine company. Marie Ambal founded the company in 1898 with rigorous manufacturing process and quality requirements, it has become an indicator of Burgundy sparkling wine.

Due to her passing in 1929, Charles Roux took over the management of the winery following the strict standards set by Marie Ambal, and instilling this concept and guidelines into future generations.

Under his leadership, the company's sales gradually grew, which also laid the foundation stone for Veuve Ambal as the market leader in this region of France.


In 1988, Charles transferred the management rights to his grandson, the current president Eric Piffaut.

Eric inherited the family mission and continued his passion for Burgundy sparkling wine. Under the guidance of Charles, Veuve Ambal became the main producer and leading brand of Burgundy sparkling wine (Crémant de Bourgogne). To commemorate Charles and thank him for his dedication to the Ambal family, a new sparkling wine brand was established under the name of Charles Roux.

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