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Chateau Picoron

Founded in 1570, Château Picoron is located in St. Emilion on the right bank of Bordeaux. It is a winery with a sustainable environment and organic farming as its core. Picoron, who has experienced several generations in the past, has only made wine for their family and friends. Now the owner of the winery is a family from Australia. They have inherited Picoron and preserve the past history and heritage, but also bring Create a new look for Bordeaux with innovative ideas.


They only produce up to 2,500 cases of wine a year, focusing on quality rather than scaling up.​ Picoron brews only Merlot, and uses six styles to express and convey the potential of Merlot, in addition to commemorating the birthplace of Pomerol is Bordeaux.


The word Merlot is derived from the French "Merle", which originally means blackbird; the word Picoron in Pickle is derived from "Picorer", which originally means "pecking". The winery combines the two meanings to become Inspired by their mascot - the black bird.

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