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Chiara Boschis

Chiara Boschis winery is located in Cannubi, village of Barolo; the most important plot in the history of Barolo brewing contains various good congenital conditions.

In the 1990s, the Boschis family decided to hand this challenge to Chiara, who was studying economics at the time and had no foundation in brewing.

Before taking over the family winery business, Chiara had accumulated rich winemaking experience in another famous Barolo winery, Borgogno, and her natural acumen to grapes, which also allowed this young female to squeeze into the ranks of Barolo Boys and become one of them.

It has also promos Barolo; an unremarkable winery during the 70s into one of the world's top wines today.

When working in the vineyard, Chiara pays close attention to each vine. Starting from pruning, each plant has a maximum of 9 buds to reduce the excess grape clusters of the plant to obtain maximum maturity and high quality.


Through organic farming, enable to make wines with the greatest degree of respect; Chiara has always been committed to producing high-quality and innovative wines, these wines have an elegant balance while maintaining a traditional structure and maintaining a simple cleanliness.

For many people, Chiara Boschis has always been on the list of collections, but due to the limited number of availability leads to a very small quantity can be distributed in each country and therefore, it is rarely released to the market.

In addition to being pursued by collectors, international wine critics also give high evaluations. Robert Parker and Wine Spectator often give high scores of 95 points or more for Chiara Boschis. If you are lucky enough to see their wines; enjoy it while it last!

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