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Dal Forno Rormano

The authoritative wine media "Decanter" classified Dal Forno winery as one of Italy's "Top Five Wineries". The British poisonous tongue wine critic Jancis Robinson praised this in an article introducing Amarone as a characteristic representative winery.

The Taiwanese wine writer Chen Xinmin called it "the top winery producing Amarone" in "Rare Wines". The famous wine expert Zhang Zhi also called it a "must buy" wine. ​ Dal Forno gathers experimental personality, and the wines produced are also modern; faithfully shown the characteristics of the production area, as well as contains elegant, delicious, rich and strong flavors.


Robert Parker, a well-known American wine critic once said that Romano Dal Forno is a humble, down-to-earth, and very enthusiastic person. “As long as you spend a few minutes with him, it’s not difficult to understand its determination to pursue high quality, even called stubborn determination by some.

I have never known a winemaker who is so obsessed with the cleanliness of the wine cellar; here, all the elements were used wisely, and the management of grapes is no exception. The new plots in Dal Forno are planted at a very high density, with nearly 12,800 vines per hectare, which is as precise as a medical operating room."

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