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During the Italian Renaissance, the Farnese family was quite influential towards to the society including the famous Pope Paul III and Cardinal Alexander Farnese and many members have honored with the Duke title.


In 1582, Princess Margaret Farnese fell in love with the small town of Ortona, located between the Adriatic Sea and the Meyer Mountains. She was deeply attracted by the beauty there, so she did what all the nobles of the court would do-bought the entire town and built a manor there.

Thanks to Princess Margaret and her family’s powerful background so you can see wines from Farnese Winery appearing respectfully on the tables of various high courts occasions in Europe.


Although the Farnese family has ceased to operate the winery for several generations, the successors who inherited the Farnese winery still hold the heart of gratitude while they continuous running the winery and also taking good care of the Farnese family’s tradition.


Today, "Farnese Vineyard" is one of the most advanced wineries in central Italy. They are successfully made with the best vineyards modern technology combined with winery owner Mr. Valentino Sciotti’s efficiency and vision.


The village is now promoted to a world player-class winery with an annual output of 14 million bottles.

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