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Gladstone Vinyard

Founded in 1986, Gladstone Vineyard is the first in a series of boutique wineries established in Valarapa. It is located on the old riverbed of the Ruamahanga River in Gladstone District and it is also one of the most beautiful vineyards in New Zealand.


Christine and David Kernohan have been operating Gladstone Vineyard since 1996; Christine believes that the most important part of winemaking is the vineyard management. By using the soil and drainage characteristics of the river terrace, organic farming, and using New Zealand sustainable grapes Planting plans are the standard to keep the soil and vines healthy. High-quality grapes produce high-quality wines that can truly express the terroir of this region.


In 2018, The Flying Winemaker took over the Gladstone Vineyard winery with Eddie McDougall served as the main winemaker and continued to cooperate with the original winemaking team and also cooperated with many high-quality vineyards’ growers in Wairarapa and Hawkes' Bay. This has improved the quality and marked a new starting point for Gladstone Vineyard and attempt to become the most excellent winery in New Zealand.

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