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Muscat grapes are widely used as sweet white wines like Moscato. The types include slightly sweet white wine, micro-bubbly sweet wine and sparkling sweet wine. This wine comes from the most elite producing area in Piedmont, Italy. It is brewed by a large tank method and can be preserved with more floral and fruity aromas.


When we visited Italian wineries we tried an amazing Moscato accidentally with the perfect balance of sour and sweet; after careful consideration, we decided to create our own wine. This wine is carefully designed with unique beauty; Hazel is named "Flower Bee". The bees work together to collect nectar, help pollinate flowers, and multiply the next generation. Tasting this wine is like the birth of a newborn at home combining full of surprises! Sweet and exciting!


The tangy white floral scent with a hint of honey sweet taste; together with some strong peach, vanilla, apple scent, unique cantaloupe scent fills the mouth. The dense and delicate bubbles with the pleasant acidity, makes the taste with infinite surprise while reaching in the mouth.

The perfect balance with cakes, fruits or slightly spicy dishes, can complement each other and enhance each other's flavors.

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