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John Dapetrosino

John Dapetrosino was born in Sicily, Italy. The residents of this island like to look up at the sea. He is also one of the many people who look up at the sea, but what he sees is not the empty sea level It is not a line, but a new land, a new life, and new wealth. ​ So John started his journey from Petrosino, a small peasant town in western Sicily, with only a bunch of grapes; Celebrations, but because the harvest gets harder every year, John is well aware that, for him and many others, it's time to get away.


John's story is one of many Sicilian immigrants who left their land and went overseas in search of wealth and salvation, a less uncertain future in unknown lands. But sitting by the sea, holding the bunch of grapes, looking at the horizon of the New World, all he can think of is the taste of his hometown and the color of this land.

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