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Longavi Winery is an unique one and only in Chile; a region contains full of large-scale industrial production wineries.

When all other Chilean wineries are thinking on how to increase production and cater to the international market, Longavi Winery is considering on how to get rid of the existing impression of Chile, persuade small farmers to move towards organic/natural power, and go back to the pre-industrial winemaking model.

Longavi Winery is a crazy project started by a Chilean winemaker Julio Buchon and David Nieuwoudt from South Africa. Both came from the 4th generations winemaking family.


They avoided Chilean wineries’ eager Bordeaux blend and avoided the easy-to-plant central valley and found the native varieties with the most suitable plots. They persuaded elderly farmers to return to how they planted 15 years ago and do not irrigate at all. Tried varieties of terroirs and brewing possibilities too.

Due to their passion and spirit; their wines are highly praised by both local and international wine reviews, and the chief winemaker Julio Buchon was also ranked among the top 10 awards for the best winemaker in South America.

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