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Marchesi Di Barolo

Forbes Marchesi Di Barolo is one of the top 25 Barolo manufacturers in the world. At the beginning of the 19th century, the noblewoman of the French royal family married the Marquis of Barolo, Carlo Tancredi Falletti.

The marquise saw the potential of the land of Barolo. Her vision, intuition and knowledge of this land gave birth to the king of wine today, as well as the wine of the king.


In 1929, the local winemaking family Pietro Abbona purchased the winery and mastered the ancient brewing method to improved the winery’s winemaking techniques.

Pietro Abbona was also known as the number one person in Barolo, who led the Barolo production area and enjoys the worldwide well-known reputation today.

The current owner, Ernesto Abbona, also serves as the chairman of the Unione Italiana Vini.


Marchesi Di Barolo has represented the essence of this area for nearly a hundred years. It has 430 acres of UNESCO World Heritage vineyards, including Cannubi, Sarmassa and Coste di Rose. Many wines have the potential to be cellared for 20-30 years with the great collection value.

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