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Michael Mondavi

When it comes to wine, the first thing that pops into everyone's mind is the fine wines from all major producing regions in France. After all, the wine industry in France has a long history and has developed along the way to accumulate many good reputations and loyal fans.

With the passing of the times, countries outside of Europe have also invested in winemaking. As the leader among them, the United States has also seen many top wineries such as the Michael Mondavi Family Estate, which is as famous as the five largest wineries in France.


Having personally experienced the development of the American wine industry from the decadence when Prohibition was just lifted to its current prosperity, Michael Mondavi and his father Robert Mondavi, who is regarded as the father of American wine, contributed to the birth of the famous cult wine Opus One. After that, Michael also created his own winery, Michael Mondavi Family Estate, released the first bottle of wine in his name in 2008, and continues to walk on the road to becoming a top wine.


Michael Mondavi and his wife Isabel purchased the Animo single vineyard in 1999. This vineyard is located at the highest point of Atlas Peak at 1,350 feet above sea level. Next to it is a steep gorge overlooking the small town of Oakville, rich in gravel, volcanic rocks and Surrounded by dense forest.


At that time, Michael was still the CEO of Robert Mondavi and was in charge of all important decisions of the winery. At the moment, the high-quality Cabernet Sauvignon produced in this vineyard was purchased as the raw material for Opus One until the Constellation Group bought Robert Mondavi winery 5 years later. And now the grapes planted in this magical vineyard are used to make two top wines, Animo and M.

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