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The most common brewing method for sparkling wine is the "Charmat" Process

Sparkling wine is made for SUMMER!!

Charmat is also known as the Wine Tank Fermentation method.

After a second fermentation, bubbles are obtained. The grapes are harvested by hand, the first fermentation produces the base wine, and then sugar and yeast are added, which is the catalyst that produces bubbles.

After the brewed base wine is added with sugar and yeast, the wine is fermented in a stainless steel fermentation tank which carbon dioxide is produced, but the pressure of the capping of the fermentation tank makes the carbon dioxide nowhere to go. It is incorporated into the wine, and bubbles are created before it gets all filtered and bottled in for the market.

Various countries uses the Charmat method to make sparkling wine; including Italy, Germany, and Austria. The most famous one is Prosecco in Northern Italy and we can chat more about it to everyone next time!

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