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Ress Family

The Balthasar Ress winery was established in Hattenheim in 1870. It is currently run by the fourth and fifth generations of father and son Stefan and Christian Ress. The family members have guarded the winery business for 150 years and are not in the hands of others.


Oliver Schmid joined in 2014 as the winery manager, and in 2018 he became the operation manager and responsible for the entire production. Now with the assistance of winemaker Stephan Sänger, Balthasar Ress winery has become one of the most representative wineries in Rheingau.


The Ress Family winery has successfully promoted their wines internationally. Their brand provides all foreign importers with an important channel for German wine producing areas. Flexibility and perfection are their hallmarks, and are closely related to the United States, Asia, Europe and many others.


The country’s leading companies maintain good and long-term relationships. The business location of the Ress family is located in the heart of the German wine region; not only connected with the world, and also convert their advantages into opportunities to share with more partners.


"We are the grape growers of Rheingau. Our wines reflect our soil and microclimate. We produce original wines and are interchangeable and opposed to mainstream products. They are wines with characteristics and potential.


Since 2010, we have slowly and continuously integrated organic cultivation for the vineyards. Every year we make conversions and adjustments in other fields. Since 2019, we have obtained certification in cooperates with nature, not against nature, we must consider the right time in everything we do.” - Christian Ress

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