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Sacred Hill

The history of Sacred Mountain Winery can be traced back to 1986, when David and Mark Mason, together with friend/winemaker Tony Bish, began to realize the idea of ​​brewing more than they could drink and sharing with others.


They found the ideal land where they could pursuit their dreams at the Hawke's Bay of the Puketapu (Sacred Mountain), along the cliffs of white volcanic rocks and the gravel riverbed of the Dartmoor Valley.


David has lived in the Sacred Hill vineyard in Dartmoor Valley all his life.


David and his younger brother Mark started to help growing grapes "for free" when their father Ian became the first farmers to diversify by planting grapes.

After experiencing the baptism in Bordeaux, David returned to Dartmoor in 1986. Mark and Tony Bish wanted to start trying to make their own wines, therefore the Holy Mountain was born.


"We focus on quality, but we are not pretentious. Quality wines should be enjoyed with friends, family and food - this is why we started the Holy Mountain, but it still continues to be our motivation.

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