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Terre Cevico

Cevico Winery was founded in Romanga-Romagna in 1963. At that time, they only used grapes from the Romanga-Romagna large production area to make their wines, and they were deeply involved in this area as a wine cooperative. Until now, they have become the largest wine group in Italy, with dozens of brands and wineries distributed in various famous production areas. The wine styles are diverse to satisfy different types of consumers.


They firmly believe that a diverse ecological environment can maintain the natural balance of the vineyard, and they also uphold the concept of sustainability to present the natural terroir of wine; they strive to protect the existence of all living things, and try to minimize human intervention and choose to live in harmony with nature. In addition, starting in 2021, they will no longer use truck transportation in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Instead, they will use rail transportation that can transport large quantities at one time, and are seriously committed to serving the overall environment and contributing to society.

Now their products are exported to more than 70 countries around the world, becoming the main leader in Italian wine brands.

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