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Vallepicciola Winery is located on the hills of "Chianti Classico", the most well-known wine-producing region in central Italy. It is about ten minutes' drive from Siena, one of the world cultural heritage sites, with 4000 olive tree, 105 hectares of vineyards, a lake and some fields, diverse ecology support their environmentally sustainable grape planting method.


The spacious and innovative wine cellar shows their respect, the perfect fusion of tradition, history, technology, nature, creativity and experimentation. The vision of the winery project manager Margherita Gozzi is to create one organic architecture where beauty and nature coexist in Tuscany.


The winery has about 65 vineyards to the east of Siena. The vineyards are scattered on the hills to the left of the Albia River. This area is rich in clay, limestone and pebbles, matched with the sophisticated workmanship and output of the winemaking team. With the centralized control of the high-quality grapes, the wines contains deep flavor, elegant texture and freshness are successfully brewed.


The Vallepicciola Winery owner Bruno Bolfo saw this rich ecological potential in Pieviciata near Siena, so he started in early 1980 and found a medieval monastery on the top of the hill overlooking Siena town.


He built a five-star hotel surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The first vineyards of the winery are nearby the hotel.

In the following years, they successively acquired other land and used the rich local terroir to plant suitable varieties grape like some Tuscany representative Sangiovese, Pinot Nero, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, etc. All can be found in their vineyards, hence in addition to the traditional Chianti wines, they also produce outstanding wines that break through tradition - "Super Tuscany".

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