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Velenosi was founded in 1984 by two young entrepreneurs, Ercole and Angela Velenosi. They have maintained a high degree of enthusiasm for 30 years, continue to learn without interruption and never become complacent.

Paolo Garbini joined in 2005, adding new elements to the winery, sparking more sparks, and allowing the winery to shine in the international market.


Since its early beginnings, Velenosi Winery has been hailed as a gem hidden in Le Marche for its outstanding wines, and has been highly praised by famous wine magazines such as Robert Parker, Decanter, Gambero Rosso, Luca Maroni, A.I.S., etc.


The two top red wines, Roggio del Filare and Ludi, have been awarded as the best 100 Italian wines by Class Life magazine in the past three years.


The founder believes in the idea of ​​"Wine is an art capable of making you dream", makes their wines unique and difficult to be imitated or surpassed; thus creating a well-known Italian wine also leads the world know that Le Marche is no longer only the regions where table wine is produced, they have top-notch wines that are widely circulated.

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