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Vesevo is the ancient name of the Vesuvius volcano. Its dramatic volcanic eruptions gave this area a special soil type in the past, and it is also the real wealth of the area. With more than 60 hectares of land, although it is one of the youngest companies in the region, it produces some of the best wines, and it quickly became a successful example of the region.


Vesevo's brewing team is led by Alberto Antonini, who has been awarded twice by the world's top five wine consultants. Under his supervision, he reinterprets Vesevo's wines and embodies the tradition of winemaking for thousands of years.


The quality, individuality and originality of wine are the result of the close connection between traditional values ​​and modern technology. Vesevo's enthusiasm and continuous research with new technologies allow Vesevo to expand their knowledge, improve the quality of their wines, and always respect and express the terroir of this land.

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