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Vigneti Del Salento

Vigneti Del Salento Winery is one of the most avant-garde wineries in Puglia today. It is located in Manduria, the legal production area of ​​Primitivo, in the center of Puglia. The vineyards here have been in existence for more than 60 years. history.


Part of the Vigneti Del Salento Winery is buried under 18 meters rock; hence it can naturally maintain the optimum temperature for the wine even during the hot summer.


There are various native Italian type of grape grown here, such as Naco Amalu, Pimidivo, Tebiano, Vitka, etc...

In addition, the winery has a very complete wine analyzing equipment. Every winemaking steps are fully monitored by professional wine quality analysts.

The well-known winemaking consultant Mario Erocolino and Nicola Tucci jointly lead the winery team of this winery, and continuously having wine elites from all over the world join the team to integrate with the world's latest winemaking technology.

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