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Villa Loren-Progetti Agricoli

The Villa Loren brand was inspired by Panenai's Lorenza Countess; a famous family from downtown Vicenza. The Countess of Lorenza passed away at a young age and she liked to be called Loren during her lifetime, and she also looked very much like the famous actress Sophia Loren.


The family owns several hectares of land in Vicenza and decided to plant "glera" grape in the late 1990s, which is most commonly used for the production of the well-known Prosecco.

Today, about 50 hectares of the area produces beautiful grapes that enter Colognola ai Colli’s cooperative wine cellar, where high-quality wines are produced.


Villa Loren is one of the brands under the Progetti Agricoli umbrella. This is a young and dynamic company that constantly analyzes new trends in different economic fields, invests in the development of new concepts and products, and also strives as an establish recognized brand in the market.

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