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The Wittmann family started their winemaking business in the 17th century, and it has a history of 350 years and now running by their fifteen generations.

They were certified by the Organic Planting and Biodynamic Laws in 1990 and 2004 respectively.

They are planting grapes and making wine with the concept of a friendly biological environment, and their efforts have also been ecstatically rewarded.

Their vineyard contains very healthy vines leading some great depth of taste for their produced wines.


About Westhofen:


  • One of the oldest wine production areas in southern Rhine-Hesse, Germany.


  • The total land of 1,400 hectares, which 750 hectares are planted with grapes.


  • Contains seven single vineyards including Aulerde, Benn, Brunnenhnhäusschen, Kirchspiel, Morstein, Rotenstein, Steingrube.


"When we talk about brand-new German wines that have changed the market, we immediately think of the dry Riesling liquor produced in the Morstin Grand Cru. And there is a behind-the-scenes man supporting this famous liquor, that is in Westhofen. The owner and winemaker of the Wittmann Winery - Philip Wittmann." - James Suckling

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